Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre family farm dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education. A trip to Linvilla creates family memories that last a lifetime and generations of Delaware Valley families have returned year after year to experience all of the things that make Linvilla Orchards special.

For over 20 years, Breslow Partners has been the driving force for all of Linvilla’s public relations and strategic marketing endeavors. The relationship started in hopes of promoting the year-round amenities at Linvilla, rather than being limited to just the fall season. Breslow Partners quickly helped Linvilla rebrand themselves as a desirable year-round destination and attendance skyrocketed.

During their time with Linvilla Orchards, Breslow Partners has assisted in the launching of their garden center, indoor mini-golf course, and annual festivals. Along with these premiers, the agency has also helped grow Linvilla’s “Cut Your Own Christmas Tree” program by over 10x participation since its inception.

Breslow Partners has utilized it’s extensive relationships with members in the media to help Linvilla appear on Philadelphia’s top TV stations 5-6 times annually. Breslow partners also assisted with Linvilla’s crisis marketing in 2002 when their historic barn burnt down. Breslow Partners was there with helping hands to make sure that this would not affect attendance at the Orchard. This is an example of one of the many ways that the Breslow Partners team can add major-value to any organization, even in times of crisis.